Help Viraat fight Cerebral Palsy

Help Viraat fight Cerebral Palsy

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I am a home maker from Mumbai, India and have a 5 year old son, Viraat who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy since birth. Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child’s brain is under development. Cerebral Palsy primarily affects body movement and muscle coordination.


Viraat was a full term baby delivered via C – Section.  All my blood reports, sonographies and other reports were fine.  Neither did the water bag burst nor did I dilate. My due date was 23rd March 2012 and Viraat was born on 27th March 2012. My doctor delayed my delivery by 4 days.  I was induced pain on 27th March 2012 thrice but still I didn’t dilate.  I was then immediately taken for a C – section. At birth it was found that Viraat ate his own stool in the womb.  All necessary actions were taken at that time but he did not cry at all.  He was immediately taken to Surya Children’s Hospital where Dr. Avasthi (current pediatrician) was looking after the case. He was admitted in NICU in critical condition with problems of severe peroinatal asperyxia. Initially he was on life support ventilator and later brought down to oxygen and then completely off any respiratory mask. He was in NICU for 55 days.


Currently, Viraat is stable in terms of heath but is facing delay in achieving his milestones. We have done intensive physio therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy almost everyday in Mumbai. We have also tried HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen therapies - 40 sessions). Viraat was by then having a complete head control and could sit independently but could not crawl, creep, stand, walk and talk.


My sister got to know of an Institute in USA named The Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) in Philadelphia. The Institutes is a group of nonprofit institutes founded by Glenn Doman in 1955. The Institutes is internationally known for its pioneering work in child brain development and for its programs to help brain-injured children achieve wellness and well children achieve excellence. The objective of The Institutes is to take brain-injured children, however severely hurt, and help them to achieve normality physically, intellectually, physiologically, and socially.


Viraat, my husband and I went to Philadelphia in September 2015 and got Viraat evaluated and received a program for 6 months. He was given a program to crawl (like a lizard) which he achieved an victory within a months time. Apart from the physical program, they have also given a nutritional and intelligence program.


Since October 2015, we are on the institutes program, Viraat has shown good progress. We are currently teaching him how to be in the quad position (like a horse), creep and stand. We do this program almost every day. He loves his intelligence program a lot.


We intend to go for an Intensive treatment program in May 2017. Once we enroll for the Intensive Treatment Program, Viraat, my husband and I are required to go to Philadelphia once in 6 months every year (twice a year). We were happy to hear from the institutes that Viraat can get independent but the three of us need to go to the US every 6 months for an intensive treatment program.



The approximate total cost of each trip involved would be as follows (for the three of us):

Airline cost                             3600$

Intensive program                   5400$

2 weeks Hotel stay                   1500$

Total cost                              10500$ approximate


We financed for our first trip to Philadelphia and it looks difficult for us to manage for the ongoing trips .I sincerely request if you could help us financing a part of the expense.


Viraat is a miracle child. He fought for his right to live when he was born. He is facing issues to achieve his milestones but he is fighting this battle too. He is a true fighter. Please help Viraat to fight this battle too and lead a normal and independent life.



Harsha Chellani



Viraat’s first day of life



Viraat sitting with support





Viraat sitting independently





Viraat learning the quad position






Videos Of Viraat:


Viraat is learning to come in the quad position and maintain it



Viraat achieved his victory of crawling and loves to crawl.


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