Help Voice of Slums Give These Vulnerable Children a Better Life

India is home to the largest population of slum children in the world. Today, they are suffering.

These children from the slums don’t have proper food. They are often found picking rags, stealing, eating leftovers, and struggling to survive. They are malnourished and have severely weakened immune systems. They come from homes where parents can only feed them once a day on the days they get any work. 

Some of these children don’t have parents and they often starve themselves. Even though the lockdown has ended, several daily wage labourers have no work. They live in deplorable conditions and have been struggling to feed their children for months now.

Many of these children don’t have food. They often resort to eating leftovers and whatever little they can find. 

Voice of Slum was the ray of hope for these vulnerable children in these slums. Chandni Khan, an ordinary girl who grew up in the slums of Mumbai. With her father’s untimely death, she resorted to picking up rags.  It was when she turned 18, she realized that many NGOs only work with children until they reach 18 years of age. 

Like her, Dev was another child from the slum looking to change his life. He also joined Chandni when he was moved by his mother’s demise, and they together formed Voice of Slum. Chandni and Dev soldiered on in their efforts to provide street children with basic amenities such as health, education, and shelter. They do all of this with the help of contributors, volunteers, and mentors.

Voice of Slums take the children in and give them education for a year. During this time, they prepare the child for formal education. After a year, they enroll the child into a school. They also provide additional tuition classes for the children. 

Today, we have trained about 300 students. Of these, at least 50 have secured formal education opportunities, 50 others have secured jobs, and we have rescued five girls from deplorable conditions,” says Dev, co-founder of Voice of Slums.